A smarter way

to control

your home

Control your smart home from anywhere anytime

Smart home with 3D smartphone app

Works like Magic!

India's first self-moving smart switches and smart fan regulators with patented technology!

App from the future!

Draw walls, drag n drop furniture and tap on the appliances to switch them ON/OFF

3D smartphone app lets users configure their homes in 3D GUI by drawing walls and objects

What about our home?

How do I install it?

smart products are operable during power outages as well

Our smart home products are suitable for all new and existing homes and they can be installed by all electricians

Also, our smart systems are manually operable during power outages

Made In India, Made for India!

Don't break the bank!

energy savings up to 30% in yearly electricity bills

Automate your home at an affordable cost

Save up to 20-30% of electricity bills every year*

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